Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes Season 2 Premiere

First thing that needs to be mentioned. Oh. My. Gah. If I thought Peter looked hot with the angry and that scar from that future episode last season, I was so wrong. With the haircut and workout regime he was apparently on during the off-season? Even hot-ter. I might be able to overlook that little sideways bottom lip thing he's always doing if they keep doing scenes without his shirt on! :-)

Other than that, I was very pleased with the season opener. Lots of questions to be answered and we're starting off with a bang!

I'm glad to see Mr. Bennet has a plan (as if there was any doubt).

And that Mr. Muggles is safe in hiding.

And that the man worse than the boogie man apparently is going to be a big part of this season.

Sylar, of course, isn't dead, but where's Nikki? I'm sure she's somewhere!

And who was the guy in the hoodie?

And Sark has really lost a lot of weight. I almost didn't recognize him!

And why is it that girls always fall for guys just like their (flying) dads?

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Tonya said...

I'm so excited about Heroes. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights catching up the last 7 episodes of Season 1 and then I watched the Season 2 premiere. Wow. And you are soooooo dead on about Peter being hotter. I've been kind of torn by him because every time he says something all I can think is, "Is he purposefully trying to be Luke Wilson???"

I am so in love with that show and really glad that I have something to watch until Lost comes back!