Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boyfriend Update

I've been horrible about updating the blog, but just thought I'd post a quick update!

First thing first, I'm still dating my boyfriend, ISTJ! We just passed our ten month anniversary and things have been going really well. I can't believe it's been almost a year.

We spend tons of time with each other and we still like each other, *gasp*! He is able to put up with my moods and I do my best to take good care of him. He's a gentleman and takes good care of me. He's pretty great...

A couple weeks ago, I thought, "I could marry him..." which is the first time I've seriously thought that about someone in a long time.  No "official" talk of that just yet, but it's been discussed at a high, general level.  I also am happy about it because I've known since dating him that he was good marriage material, but I'm kinda glad that I didn't feel like marrying him right away and we've kinda eased up to that point.  I think this may be the first time I've ever been in a relationship when I've liked someone and then it's ramped up, which could either be a really good or really bad sign!  Most of the time, I have high interest at the beginning and then slowly things erode as I learn more about the person (and vice versa).  I'm thinking (and hoping) it's a good sign.

We've taken our time getting to know one another in a dating sense.  He's a bit more reserved than I am (shocker!), but he's happy to go along with almost any plan I come up with, which is nice.  He lets me have all my "boyfriends" on the side, so that's been really great too.  The last guy I dated was constantly jealous.  That said, I'm definitely more on the jealous side too, but luckily for me, he's more of a guy's guy, so he doesn't really hang out with that many women.  I believe this would be called a "win-win"!

I was looking back at my list of things I've learned from my last relationship and I can say with a moderate amount of confidence that we're doing pretty well.

  • We trust each other completely,
  • We pay enough attention to one another without going overboard,
  • We both have good follow-through.  When he says something, he means it and so do I.  No empty promises! 
  • We're both good with our money and open about talking about it.
  • Speaking of, we're both pretty open about talking about just about anything, which is really helpful.
  • Nothing to do with the last relationship, but he likes to play games!  Lots of them!
If things continue on this trend, I would hope that it will one day lead to tying the knot, but for now, we're just enjoying each other's company, being supportive and getting to know one another better so that we don't rush into anything.  I rushed into my first marriage and feel like I should take my time this time to be sure I'm making a good, solid choice.  So far, it's looking good, but I want to give it time so that we both know that it's a right decision for both of us.

I'm meeting his parents in a couple months.  Hey, actually, right around our one year anniversary!  They're missionaries who live in Venezuela, but they're coming to the US for his sister's wedding, which I will be attending with the boyfriend.  I hope that goes well.  I usually am good with parents.  I've already met his sister and future brother-in-law and we got along really well.

Deep breath...  I know I can be a handful sometimes, but I'm being myself and loving him.  It's not difficult to love him, so that's good.  In fact, considering all the time we've spent together, this has been one of the easiest relationships I've ever been in as far as stress levels go.  When the most annoying thing he's done in the last week is answer too many Jeopardy! questions correctly in a row... really?  That's not such a terrible problem to have.

Coming soon:  Employment Update!