Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Movies (and TV) for 2012

I'm planning on just consolidating all my movie watching and completed seasons of TV shows of 2012 here...

  1. The Apprentice S1 - My boyfriend and I love some reality shows and this is one we can both agree on.  We wanted to go back and watch the beginning to see how it all started and see the infamous Omarosa on her original season.  We were not disappointed!  It definitely had a lot of "first season" qualities (lots of bad audio dubbing, some awkward challenges), but I loved some of the challenges and I liked that it showed the cast out and about, at restaurants, drinking, having fun, not just the competitive stuff.  Also, man, I *really* miss Carolyn Kepcher, who is (by far) my favorite person on the show.  I love her comments, which I always agree COMPLETELY with.  She is not free and easy with the compliments, so if she says something complimentary about someone, she really means it.  I miss her.  *sigh*
  2. The Muppets - It's been so long since I saw a Muppet movie/show that I honestly forgot there was going to be singing in it.  BUT, it was fun, nonetheless... The songs were funny (and short), so perfect for my ADD.  We saw it at the Academy Theater in Pasadena too, where procrastination can be rewarded in the form of a movie ticket for $3/each and delicious popcorn for only $3.25. 
  3. Terriers - OMG.  With so much bad TV out there, I don't understand how good TV like this gets BURIED by who the hell ever gave this show the stupid name.  From the name, you'd have *no* idea what the show was about - it's a buddy/PI/mystery show.  The main actors are great, the plots are interesting without being toooooo detailed and complicated.  It's just good.  I have no idea what the back-story is on this show and I wonder why it didn't get the fan following that it seems like it should have.  I would highly recommend this!  It's available on instant streaming Netflix, which may be the best invention ev-er.  Well, right after TV on DVD.  THEN, instant streaming... 
  4. Morning Glory - Cute movie with Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford, who is grumpy as can be.  I'm not sure why I like the grumpy ones, but I liked him here.  I love her smile.  And I can't believe I haven't watched a movie since the Muppets, but that may be correct!  Just started Mad Men, S1...
  5. Mad Men - I should've updated this sooner because I'm already on season 3.  It's surprising how fast it flies by...  This show is so tragic.  The overwhelming sadness of pretty much all parties involved is strangely compelling.  Everything is beautiful on the outside, but the characters all seem somewhat empty on the inside.  After watching this show, who would ever want to get married?  The men are drunks who cheat because they're trapped in an existence and life they don't seem to want or value, unless it's threatened to be taken from them.  I'm so thankful I wasn't born back then.  The chauvinism  is mind-blowing!  But I love it, even though I don't love all the characters.  It's quite addictive.  Why I never watched the S1 set that was loaned to me years ago, I'll never know, but thank goodness (again) for Netflix streaming!  A lazy woman's friend... Update around 6/1/12: Finished all seasons (1-4) available on Netflix and loving them.  Will probably splurge for the iTunes pass for the current season.
  6. The Hunger Games - Read the book right before seeing the movie and loved the book.  The movie was pretty true to the book, so no complaints.  It was exactly what I expected.  
  7. Hot Tub Time Machine - Silly comedy filled with lots of 80s and nerdy references (due to the time traveling).  I heart John Cusack, so thought this was pretty cute, although the ending was a little lame, but still okay.
  8. Downton Abbey - SOOOOO good!  Love all the historical aspects, even though I have NO idea how accurate they are. We blew through the first season on Netflix in two days.  There are only 7 eps, so it's not too hard, but we totally enjoyed these.  Love the clothing, the different lifestyles.  I want some servants!  "What is a week-end?"  
  9. Ted - Went with Mike to the DreamWorks free movie Monday on 7/30/12 and enjoyed the new Seth McFarlane movie, Ted.  If you like Family Guy, you'll love Ted.  not safe for kids. AT ALL.
  10. 30 for 30 - Watched the one about how athletes go broke within a year or two of getting out of whatever sport they play.  As someone who is into personal finances as a topic, it's fascinating to see how much these guys spent on crap that didn't have value.  It was sad too to see how people just tried to take advantage of them every step of the way.  From their friends, family, management team, everyone!  Women trying to get knocked up because they think it's a payday.  Fascinating.
  11. Moonrise Kingdom - Watched this as a screener with Doreen on 11/8/12.  Loved this movie. It's so sweet and touching in its innocence and capturing how everyone wants to be loved.  Having that steady love can be an amazing thing.
  12. To Rome with Love - Also watched this one with Doreen on 11/8/12.  It had an amazing cast and full of love mishaps and adventures. I haven't seen hardly any of Woody Allen's older films, so not sure if they all have a fantastical quality about them.  I saw Midnight in Paris last year and loved that, partly because I love Paris and the film was gorgeous, so I thought I'd like this.  I did.  Rome looks beautiful.  Loved the acting and the little stories. The worst part for me was Woody Allen himself.  I didn't hate him, but I just wanted him to stop talking.  Ugh.  Why does he put himself in all his movies?  
  13. This is 40 - Funny, but not nearly as funny as Knocked Up.  Maybe I'm not old enough to really appreciate this movie?

Friday, January 06, 2012

"Resolutions" for 2012

I'm not making absolute resolutions, mainly because they don't work, but as I make decisions about little adjustments I'd like to tweak in 2012, I'll post them.

The first being, I definitely want to post more on the blog and take more photos. I've been lax about this the last couple years for some reason.  As a result, I've missed out tracking lots of exciting stuff that has happened this past year.

I'm also reviving my "floss more often" goal that I started in 2007 to floss more often. I've already flossed twice this year, so I'm already doing well!

I need to exercise more. This is, of course, the most common of all resolutions, but I need to do it.  Luckily, ISTJ wants to exercise more too, so that should make it easier to achieve.  He's far more disciplined than I am.  He flosses every night.  Which, on the surface sounds boring, but if you think about the dedication it takes to floss every night, it's kinda hot.  I'm also looking forward to being with a man that has all his teeth.

I need to rebuild my savings account.  After being unemployed for nine months and then having the sales job last year, I've managed to eat through a good chunk of my savings.  I would like to rebuild that.  I haven't set a firm goal on this though, so that is the next step.

I would like to get back to volunteering more.  Whether it's "official" volunteering with a non-profit, or just helping friends with life stuff, like helping them move or just being there when they need company.

I'm looking at my calendar for January and it's fairly free.  I only have activities planned for about half the days remaining in January and I'm kinda digging that.  It'll be easier to exercise and be rested for work if I'm not overextended.

I'm also toying with the idea of tracking all my game plays again.  So far, I'm 100% for 2012!

I'm also thinking about tracking my movies watched in 2012.  I enjoyed doing that in 2007.  The question is, is that too 2007?

These are the various items I'm pondering and not necessarily "resolutions," but things I'm considering tweaking.

Updates as they progress!