Friday, January 06, 2012

"Resolutions" for 2012

I'm not making absolute resolutions, mainly because they don't work, but as I make decisions about little adjustments I'd like to tweak in 2012, I'll post them.

The first being, I definitely want to post more on the blog and take more photos. I've been lax about this the last couple years for some reason.  As a result, I've missed out tracking lots of exciting stuff that has happened this past year.

I'm also reviving my "floss more often" goal that I started in 2007 to floss more often. I've already flossed twice this year, so I'm already doing well!

I need to exercise more. This is, of course, the most common of all resolutions, but I need to do it.  Luckily, ISTJ wants to exercise more too, so that should make it easier to achieve.  He's far more disciplined than I am.  He flosses every night.  Which, on the surface sounds boring, but if you think about the dedication it takes to floss every night, it's kinda hot.  I'm also looking forward to being with a man that has all his teeth.

I need to rebuild my savings account.  After being unemployed for nine months and then having the sales job last year, I've managed to eat through a good chunk of my savings.  I would like to rebuild that.  I haven't set a firm goal on this though, so that is the next step.

I would like to get back to volunteering more.  Whether it's "official" volunteering with a non-profit, or just helping friends with life stuff, like helping them move or just being there when they need company.

I'm looking at my calendar for January and it's fairly free.  I only have activities planned for about half the days remaining in January and I'm kinda digging that.  It'll be easier to exercise and be rested for work if I'm not overextended.

I'm also toying with the idea of tracking all my game plays again.  So far, I'm 100% for 2012!

I'm also thinking about tracking my movies watched in 2012.  I enjoyed doing that in 2007.  The question is, is that too 2007?

These are the various items I'm pondering and not necessarily "resolutions," but things I'm considering tweaking.

Updates as they progress!


Seth Jaffee said...

Regarding exercise, and I guess flossing as well: I believe the best way to get yourself to do things like work out or floss is to make them routine. Rather than saying to yourself "oh, I haven't worked out this week, I should find time to do that!" Say "Oh, it's Wednesday night, time for Ultimate league! Only replace "Ultimate League" with something Steph-specific ;)

It works for things like Second Sunday - how often do you miss that?

Also, it helps a TON if you have someone else to do it with. The most disciplined I've ever been with that type of thing is when my friend came over 3 times a week, knocked on my door and said "Hey, it's time to go running." It would have been much easier to skip it if not for that.

Flossing is similar - just make it part of your 'getting ready for bed' routine, and before long you will no sooner forget to floss than you would to brush up!

Stephanie said...

Yes, I totally agree! I've been working on incorporating the flossing into my bedtime routine. It doesn't actually take that long to DO, when I actually do it.

And luckily, ISTJ wants to exercise more. We went walking for an hour on Saturday.

I think another key thing for me is to get enough rest. It's so much easier to not be lazy, when I'm not tired! :-)

So far, I've already flossed three times and worked out twice. That's more than I did the whole month of December! Progress!