Thursday, October 01, 2009

Housing Swap

I love to travel. And really, the most expensive part of traveling seems to be the airfare and the lodging, whatever form it takes. I've long contemplated trying to find a housing swap to take advantage of the ability I have to work from anywhere.

So I placed an ad on Craigslist stating I have a one bedroom apartment and would be interested in swapping with someone and was open to the destination. So far, offers I've received:
  • Swap for 3-6 weeks with a girl from Paris! That would be awesome...
  • Swap during Jan - Feb for an apartment in the center of Madrid
  • Swap during January for a Manhattan apartment that sounds way nicer than mine
  • A local who needs a place for her parents to stay when they visit her and the new grandbaby, the parents have a place in northern Italy
  • Swap during February with someone in Brooklyn
All good choices. Madrid would certainly be the most adventurous. I'd definitely need to clean up my place. They'd have to take care of my cats too. So, it's going to require some research, but I need to prioritize which of them I'm the most interested in. Hmmmm...