Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Recap

This weekend was fun without being crazy, which is so nice. I felt relaxed even though I was pretty busy most of the weekend.

Since it has really cooled down, I've been making a very strong effort to exercise more. I don't actually hate exercising, I just hate being overheated and when it's 90-100 degrees outside, I just can't bring myself to do it!

Friday night - Met Erin at the park after work and we walked for about 45 minutes. Then we headed back to my place and I thawed some chicken and made us dinner while she constructed a super-awesome house for our Sims to live in! I bought Sims2 for the PS2 last year and have hardly played it, so I thought it was about time to crack it open.

Saturday - Woke up, exercised for about 20 minutes then headed over to pick up sandwiches for my games day I held ALL day Saturday. We had a great time! Played games, Guitar Hero and met some new peeps! We played two good games of Werewolf. I moderated both and kind of screwed up the first one, but oh well. Live and learn. I'll make sure to be better about it in the future. The second game, the seer actually stayed alive and was the key to killing the final werewolf. It was great!!

Sunday - Shane and I went to the park to walk and then I walked the mile to meet Erin at a nearby theater that was hosting the Valley Film Festival. We saw a short called "My Wallet" (which I wasn't crazy about, but I'm not into slapstick-y type "humor") and "11 Minutes Ago" which I really really liked. It's a romance and I liked the story a lot. The actors were actually pretty decent too. Then Erin & I walked down to Pit Fire Pizza to meet up with Liz and enjoyed the beautiful weather we were having yesterday! Sunny, 70s with a slight breeze. We sat outside and chatted about knitting, shoes (Liz recommends which I'm going to peruse today during lunch) and movies. After that, I went home to eat a quick lunch myself and headed over to Chris' for a pretty fun afternoon of gaming. I managed to win Traumfabrik for the first time ever(!) and On the Underground. I came in hilariously DEAD last during Ticket to Ride 1910. The five player game is just cut-off city!! It was great! Lots of cursing, flipping off and for me, drawing of tickets just hoping to get something useful! At least I ended with a positive point value!! :-) Yes, that's how bad it was!!

Overall, a pretty fun and relaxing weekend!!

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