Friday, September 14, 2007

Gift Central

My place was Gift Central yesterday!

First, I received a "thank you" gift from my friend that I helped pack all Saturday last month. It's a half membership to the Bacon of the Month Club!!! How cool is that!!! I'll be receiving one pack of bacon every month! I received my first one last month and it's some sort of apple something or the other. I'll take a picture of it to post when I actually get around to cooking it. But it looks like I can cross "bacon" off my shopping list for the next year! Bacon. Is. Good.

As I was saying "bye" to some friends, I noticed a package sitting on my doorstep that wasn't there when I got home. It contained a cute green package with a "get well" card! When I unwrapped it, it was Heroes Season 1 on DVD!!! Now I can watch the 73 minute uncut pilot before Season 2 starts on September 24th! How cool is that! If anyone needs a refresher... let me know!

A big "thank you" to my gift-givers! You guys are the best!

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