Friday, September 21, 2007

Guitar Hero Tidbits

I remembered earlier this week that Guitar Hero 3 is scheduled to come out next month!! When I get back from Europe, I'll probably be playing that game A LOT!! GH3 is coming bundled with a wireless Kramer controller for $90 and if you pre-order it, you'll receive a free dual gig bag (already got one...), a GH key chain, a GH designer 2" wide strap and free shipping. Not bad. My first guitar is getting a little loose. Hmmm... it may be time for a new guitar! The controller alone is $60 and the game alone is $50, so it might be worth it for me, considering how much usage those controllers get.

Also, I just heard on the radio you can pre-order real guitar controllers for $399 from Art Guitar. I remember talking to Grant at the Guitar Hero Bar and we were doing some quick math and figuring they'd probably cost about that much. The only problem is that they have KISS all over them. Ick! I have a guitar body (I should post a picture of it) that I got from my bro-in-law. I just need to see if Grant can convert it for me!

So, maybe a GH party over Halloween weekend or the weekend after that?

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