Monday, July 10, 2006

Taco Taco Night

Ah, gringo tacos! Who doesn't lov'em? You know, the tacos with the ground beef, hard taco shells, cheese, lettuce and tomato?

The main course

Thanks to Lana who helped me organize everything and came over early to help me get set up! Also a big "thank you" to Erin who helped me hang some stuff on my walls at 11 PM! (Sorry to my downstairs neighbor!)

Me and my hammering accomplice, Erin

The tacos were yummy, the conversation was good, the pool was refreshing and the games were fun!

I heart my friends!!


Pappy said...

hehe... didn't like the way the "<3" came out, hunh?


Stephanie said...

My friend was asking what is less than three my friends mean?? So, to avoid future confusion...

I think it's just this font. On other fonts it looks fine.