Thursday, July 20, 2006

Are Mensans any smarter than regular people?

The party that I went to last Saturday was thrown by a Mensan and her non-Mensan roommate. Going off of total stereotypes, you'd think the Mensans would be more intellectual than regular people. However, the bunch I met did decidedly NOT fall into the "more intellectual" category. Most of them had been barhopping since 1 PM (and it was about 11 PM when they showed up), half of them got high and the main topic of conversation was sex, in all its various forms!

While I was there, I was asked a couple times if I was in Mensa and when I said, "No..." they'd say, "You should join!" I think it may have crossed my mind at some point briefly in the past, but I think I always thought, why would I do that? Just to let people know how "smart" I am? "Hey, look at me! I'm in Mensa!" ?

Although, I think my friend who invited me to the party has a good point. He likes hanging out and talking with "smart" people. Even if it's about sex and stuff like that. And this is a good social group for him. They do lots of restaurant/bar events and take little trips together. In that respect, I think it might be fun! It would broaden my potential friend base.

I told him that being smart is NOT everything. I've met plenty of "smart" people who aren't GOOD people. Everyone has something different to offer. To go off the topic a bit... this is one of my pet peeves. Parents who want their kids to be "smart," but don't instill any character or discipline in them. Being smart is not everything, but sometimes it seems like parents are willing to excuse bad behavior because their kid is a straight A student. Like that matters?! OK, done with that.

If I were to join Mensa, it would just mean I would have more people to draw from to hang out with. It's pretty cheap to take the test, so maybe I'll just try it. I don't even know that I would pass. I think I would, but who knows?


Pappy said...

Before you shell out for the test, make sure to check the necessary scores for other standardized tests. I was able to get in two years ago because the SAT that I took in 1990 or so qualified me. It was nice. Especially since I expect that the amount of beer I've drunk since 1990 has likely left me lower than their standards :)

As for the 'smart' thing, you're absolutely correct, of course. In fact, it's something that gets debated in Mensa quite often. I've found that the Mensa crowd is *very* similar to the MyPC crowd... with most folks just out to have a good time and always being excellent to each other.

Stephanie said...

Hey, you're right! I already qualify with my SAT scores! Well, that makes it even easier. Maybe I should! Might be fun! Although, do I really need anything more to do than I already have? Yeah, maybe that's not such a great idea! :-)

Kiltak said...

Yeah, intelligence doesn't mean much if you don't have discipline..

The two go hand in hand..

Mensa doesn't mean much, it only looks nice on your resume :)


sedjtroll said...

So smartypants, did you join Mensa or not?

Stephanie said...

I decided that I had enough on my plate and didn't need the title of "mensan" for the time being. Although, Ron's in Mensa and we're hoping to work the Mensa gaming nerds angle when we apply for The Amazing Race...