Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New games update

June was a VERY busy month of games for me! I attended the SoCal Games Day on June 10th. That combined with my regular gaming bumped up my new game count by 20 games!! So my new game count for the year is up to 61! So I'm ahead of schedule. Of the games I've played in the last month, my favorites were: Igloo Pop, Caylus and Ricochet Robot!


Erin said...

you played Caylus? without me? how could you?

just kidding. mostly... :) how'd you like it?

Stephanie said...

Yes, I finally played it! Sorry I didn't wait. The stars never aligned. I did like it though. I like games that when I think about them later, I can pinpoint exactly where my mistake was. I thought I had a chance of winning, but then came in second out of three. I'll tell you about it tonight.