Thursday, July 06, 2006

Katamari Damacy Hats

Oh Pappy, you're the best! Check out these Katamari Damacy hats! I have my name on the waiting list. Maybe I could figure out how to make one!

Katamari Damacy Hat Samples

Check out her website!!


Pappy said...

looks like someone has tried to duplicate it and has written-up instructions...

be sure to scroll down past the big empty gap :)

Dawn said...

Very cute. I'll let you know my size!

PS, be sure to update my link on your page to the Colorado address. Or at least include an Old and New...?

Stephanie said...

Why don't you just keep socalfoodie? That's where everyone already has you listed. It'll be so much easier! People still go to socalfoodie because I get hits from your site every few days or so.