Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cuddle Party

I was browsing Craigslist and came across a post from the organizers of Cuddle Parties in Los Angeles. It's a social experiment/workshop where you get to know people and then cuddle with them, asking for and providing cuddling. What an interesting concept! Sometimes I miss having someone to sleep with! You know, having a warm body next to me to keep me warm and snuggle up to. I could see the appeal of this type of thing. It seems like this would only work in a big giant city like L.A. where sometimes everyone seems so disconnected. Why is it so hard to connect with people?


Carolyn said...

Some how, I can't see this working in Mississippi! What a strange concept! If you decide to participate you'll have to let us know what it's all about.

Erin said...

I've seen articles and stuff about these for a couple years now. they're big in bigger cities, like you said. SF's had them for a while. seems like it would be kinda hollow to me. intimacy without intimacy, y'know?

Stephanie said...

Yep. I'm intrigued by it, but I think you bring up an excellent point, Erin. I certainly don't want physical contact just to have physical contact. I mean, you could, theoretically, have great physical contact with a total jerk. That makes all the contact meaningless, right? Because of the lack of intimacy. Hmmmm... suddenly, any interest I had in this has evaporated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll wait to find a warm body I love!