Thursday, July 27, 2006

Playing hooky

Erin & I played hooky yesterday. We left mid-day to partake in a traditional American past time. Here, I'll give you a hint:

The view from our seats

Yes, we witnessed the Dodgers get slaughtered by the Padres. But the food and conversation was good! Plus, there's nothing like being somewhere fun when you really should be at work. Follow that up with swimming and dishing and you might have a perfect afternoon!

Also, I'll be heading out tonight right after work for Vegas and back on Monday. We'll see if I have anything post-able when I get back! 'Cause you know what they say...

Have a great weekend!!!


Kiltak said...

I love baseball, I used to go and watch the Expos all the time a few years ago (even if they sucked real bad) when they were still playing in Montreal, but now that they're gone, I feel all empty inside :'(

Dawn said...

Fun! Boy, I feel like you're in another country, not another state! The best way for me to know what's new is to go on your blog! Well, I hope that you had fun in Vegas (not TOO much fun though!). Don't forget to email me your itinerary for your trip out here.

Stephanie said...

As soon as I make the reservation, you'll be the first to know!