Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Plans

I'm up earlier than I'd like to be considering I went to bed pretty late last night. I'm going to finally go visit a nearby church that I've been meaning to go to for a year! Finding a church can be tough! Making the TIME to find a church has been tough. I really need to try to get less busy. I say that every few months and then I get busier and busier and then feel overwhelmed. I need to do a better job managing that. I will have to if some changes happen at work. More on that if it actually happens. Hopefully I'll know this week.

I also have a second date with eHarmony guy #8 today. To be honest, I am just so-so looking forward to it. I probably shouldn't have found this annoying, but I did. I'm playing games on Friday and he texts me around 5 PM to ask what I'm doing at the moment and later that night. Answer to both questions? "Playing games." Then he asks me out for a movie that night. I was like, "I can't, I'm BUSY." I guess most non-gamers might find it odd that I'd be gaming instead of going out to do "normal" stuff, but I was annoyed because I clearly said I was doing something that night. If I was free, I would've said so. I think most women know that if they wanna go out with a guy, when he asks, "What are you doing tonight?" You indicate that you're free. Not a big deal, but still kinda annoying.

I'm trying to keep an open mind though, so I'll go. But if I'm not feelin' it by the end of this date, I think I'm done.


Vicki said...

Maybe it was a test, to see if you'd hop to it on his offer. Remember those "Rules".

Stephanie said...

I think the "Rules" are a decent idea... I never consciously think about them. My book of choice is "He's Just Not that Into You." I love that book.

Rather than a test, I think he was just a little clueless about how serious I take my games. He shouldn't have been! He knew I just went out of state for FIVE days of board gaming...