Thursday, November 15, 2007


We barely made our flight yesterday morning. I had to RUN from security to make it on time. Once we got here, we ate some fried chicken at Babes Chicken Dinner House. The fried chicken was pretty good, but no Mrs. Whites!!

We got here and helped setup the library and then headed out to Thee Forks for dinner. It was awesome. I will give more detail when I get home and I am not posting from my Treo!

I already played Agricola once today! I was interviewed by today! The videographer said it would be posted Friday afternoon. I will have to check for it tomorrow.

More to post later! Tomorrow is the puzzle hunt. Oh and the Mavs KILLED the Spurs!

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Flint said...

Did you see your your interview on

Flint said...

Ha! I stutter when I blog!

Flint said...
Did you see your your
interview on

Well, in case you haven't, check it it out. It's pretty cool:

They picked a good representative for the convention. You make gaming seem trendy instead of geeky. Although, don't get me wrong, I came home and proudly stuck my BGG.con Library Card in a picture frame - you know the one that said GEEK under your name. I think my kids didn't like the idea of Dad being so proud to be a geek because it disappeared. I'll have to teach them how to play Puerto Rico next.

Stephanie said...

Yes I did! It sparked quite a debate on the local gaming board about sweet tea! I had it posted for about a minute on my blog, then took it off because I didn't want a link to it from here. I should send a link though to friends who maybe would be interested in seeing it!

Flint said...

"Agricola lives! We are the 750!"
- Huzonfirst