Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cash'n Guns Live at BGG.CON

I took a video of a group of us playing Ca$h'n Gun$ Live. When I tried to upload it to YouTube, it was WAY too big. After some searching on the FAQs, I found an uploader tool they have for big, giant files. Now let's see if they work properly!!

OK, after someone who's never played C'n'G Live pointed out, what the heck is going on? Here's how you play...

You split up into gangs. The object is to get the most money. There are five rounds. The gang leader looks at the available cards and distributes them among the gang. If you get shot with a gun (not a shotgun), it takes two shots to "kill" you. A shotgun or grenade will kill you instantly. Whoever's left standing at the end of it gets a share of the loot!

These are the available "weapon" cards:
  • Bang, bang, bang - you have a single gun (your hand) and you get one shot
  • Double guns - You get to use double guns (BOTH your hands!)
  • Shotgun - Make a shotgun motion with your hands, the person you kill gets to take one step backwards and spread their arms out. Whoever they can touch gets wounded (like one shot from a gun)
These are the available "click" cards. If you have one of these, you make motions like you have a "weapon" card, but you don't actually get to shoot anyone.
  • Grenade - if you get shot, you can take one jump in any direction and spin around a la Wonder Woman and whoever you touch is killed.
  • Backstab - if you are wounded/killed, you can backstab someone with your left hand (if you can reach them)
  • Kevlar - you can ignore your first shot/wound. This doesn't protect against shotguns or grenades.
Once it's clear who everyone is shooting at, people have the option of chickening out. If you chicken out, you move out of the line of sight while the rest of it gets sorted out and you're back in for the next round. If you don't chicken out, you are killed, go to the hospital and sit out for a whole round.

So this first video is people running around getting position. The second video is the chickening out of one Mr. Rubbo and the resolution of the rest!

The Set-up

The Resolution


Anonymous said...

No explanation of what the heck is going on????


Seth Jaffee said...

So the idea that you can be physically difficult to shoot at is amusing, but frankly, that video didn't look like much fun.

Stephanie said...

M -
You're so right!!! Explanation posted, hope that clears it up! Also posted part 2!

Aaron said...

That game was awesome! And it attracted spectators and new participants like flies, especially given that it was about 3:30 AM.

TherMight said...

Cool, thanks for posting this! I was describing it to some friends from what I'd seen at the con but this is better!