Monday, November 05, 2007

Domestic Gaming Goodness

I spent most of this evening doing six loads of laundry, catching up on my overflowing TiVo and discussing Thanksgiving with Chris. Meanwhile, he cut and started sleeving Agricola. The reason? So we can play it this Saturday at So-Cal Games Day! There are 360 cards and we finished about half of them. He did most of the work, but I helped by cutting a chunk of them at the end. He took home the rest to finish them up by Saturday. It's taking a TON of time!! I'm going to be very picky about who I let play my game. Even better, Chris and I have an Agricola wager. We'll have to wait til the end of the day Saturday to see who wins!

Also, my original plan for Wednesday night was to go to the Guitar Hero Bar, but once I was told Freezepop ("Less Talk, More Rokk" anybody??) is playing Wednesday night at the Key Club, I rescheduled and made plans for that instead! I wonder if they'll be any good in person! We'll find out!


Aaron said...

I just saw that Freezepop show in LA Weekly yesterday. I have this suspicion that they will be extremely awesome.

Stephanie said...

I have a feeling it will either be extremely awesome or a big let down. We'll see!

How much do I hate TicketMaster though?? $15 for the ticket and then $10.40 in FEES!!! WTF??!!?

Where's Eddie Vedder?

Ron said...

NOOOO. Keyclub box office is 310-274-5800. They only charge a $5 fee per ticket and you can pick them up at Will Call.

Stephanie said...

Darnit! I already bought them from TicketMaster. I will remember that for next time for sure!!