Friday, November 23, 2007

Rock Band is awesome!

Everyone knows how much I love Guitar Hero, right? Well, I think I might be a Rock Band convert. And here's why...
  1. Rock Band has an awesome song list, mostly done by original artists.
  2. The drums are so much fun!! And challenging in a whole new way.
  3. The way the crowd sings along!
  4. You can make your very own customized rocker.
  5. The "photo" action shots of band members as they go on stage right before a gig!
My downstairs neighbor's mom is in town and she called me around 11:30 AM to ask me to turn down the music. It's the middle of the day! And it wasn't that loud. Next time I might not turn it down. Later they called (and I had the TV turned down) and they said, "The music's fine, but can you be careful about the foot banging..." because someone was playing the drums.

Some of the guys can be a bit energetic while playing. Man, I really need to just bite the bullet and buy a house.


Flint said...

My brother brought over Rock Band to our house yesterday and I love it! We stayed up until 2a playing and as I sit here at work this morning I have In Bloom by Nirvana looping through my head while multi-colored rectangles are raining down superimposed over my vision.
While I won't be making the cut for your band anytime soon (I'm a complete idiot savant -sans savant- on the drums) my brothers, sister and my kids had a ball with our fledgling rock band from Berlin, Hip Pop Crazy, switching out playing Wobs on guitar, Ed on bass, Blade on drums and Kool Whip's lead vocals.
I got such a kick out of seeing my pint-sized 7 year-old daughter oddly looking the part in her new, black Pokemon t-shirt untucked to her thigh, belting out lyrics by the seat of her pants to The Clash's Should I Stay or Should I Go as she took a turn fronting the rock band composed that time of my thirtysomething brothers and sister.
My Rock Band brother is at home watching the kids today and after they sleep off "last night's gig" I've told them to make their own band. I can't wait to get home and see their band - what they look like and what they've named themselves.
My wife went out this morning and bought the kids GH III for the Wii with their birthday money. Wii'll take turns playing that while waiting for a version of RB for Wii. Who knows, perhaps I'll be a GH convert.

cathydrew said...

My son is 10 and has played drums in school band for two years. He also took private lessons over the summer. He was "OK" at it. He has been playing ROCKBAND for less than a week and we went to the "real" drumset today, me playing Should I Stay or Should I Go on "real" guitar and he ROCKED OUT just like the CD!! He sounded lik e drummer in the CLASH - anybody else seeing this kind of phenomenon????