Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Weekend so far

I was at So Cal Games Day all day today & managed to play Agricola two times!! We played the easy version with only the E cards and it was awesome. It must've been for me to be willing to play a second game with FIVE players. Our five player game took about 3:15 to play. The rules added another 20-30 minutes. The replayability is so awesome. We could play that game for the rest of our lives & never play the same game twice!

I also played Cuba and Ubongo Extrem. Those were OK, but not the best, especially compared to Agricola. The running joke was Dave walking by asking, "Are you *still* playing that?"

Tomorrow, I'm planning on going to church, Din Tai Fung & then MORE gaming!! And more Agricola!! I'm totally looking forward to it!

Oh and one more date tomorrow nigt. The third of the week.

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