Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wordplay: A Review

I saw Wordplay, a documentary movie about crossword puzzles, specifically, the NY Times crossword puzzle and people who love it. There is an annual crossword puzzle competition in Stamford, CT. Who knew? The movie covers the 2005 competition, interviews competitors, the Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz, crossword constructors and famous people who love it (like Bill Clinton, Indigo Girls and Jon Stewart).

In short, I loved this movie! I love movies about smart/geeky/nerdy/dorky people. I'd liken it to Spellbound or Word Wars. Of those two, I loved Spellbound and liked Word Wars. I'd put Wordplay up there with Spellbound. I think it's probably more amusing considering I laughed out loud OFTEN. The whole theater was cracking up! I would recommend this movie to anyone who can appreciate people who have too much information in their heads or to anyone who has ever really tried to do a crossword puzzle. I'm awful at them, but I still like to try everytime I see one!

It's stunning that people can be SO good at them. Amazing, really. Now I want to try to get better at them. I could never be good enough to go to a competition, but it looks like so much fun, I almost want to go just to have the fun! I wonder if that's how the Board Game Geek convention will be? Hmmmm...

Go see Wordplay!!!! It's funny!!


Pappy said...

You're going to BGG.con?! I'm so freakin jealous :)

Oooh... and speaking of crosswords, check this out.

The couple does the crossword every morning together. It was cute. (The girl is a friend of a friend of Annie's or something)

Stephanie said...

Wow, that is so cool!! I'm jealous! :-)

And yes, I'm heading off to Dallas in November for BGG.con. I can't wait!!! Go!! But register soon because there are only a few spots left.

Morry said...

You think you like movies about other geeky people? What about movies about your own life!!???

Stephanie said...

Wow! I am definitely seeing that one!! Sounds like Kat is really doing well for herself!