Monday, June 26, 2006

Drama-free life

That friends post has me wondering what happened to my want for drama? In high school, it seemed like the more drama there was, the more interesting life was. I guess I've grown up since then and drama has fallen way down on the list of things I'm looking for in life. In fact, I want exactly the opposite!

Not that I want a boring life, but a life full of meaningful or purposeful activity is quite different from drama. I love doing stuff with friends, but the drama has been quite minimal which I really do appreciate. Even my divorce has been relatively drama-free. Has it been stressful? Yes. Trying? Yes. Filled with drama? NO!

Humph. I think I like having a drama-free life. I'll keep it that way. If you're a drama-filled person, keep going. I don't want to buy any!!


Pappy said...

agreed. drama simply isn't worth the energy.

Carolyn said...

I've switched jobs and taken a pay cut to get away from drama! It's been so worth it to be in a gossip free office (I've since made up the difference in salary, finally).
I can't stand to be around drama queens, but sometimes I'm afraid I might be a tiny bit of one....

Stephanie said...

Carolyn - Yeah, I know what you mean. I think I have tendancies towards that, but I try to not indulge! :-) I think the word for it is "histrionic".

Pappy - Hey there! How's Seattle? I'll send you an email. Drama absolutely isn't worth it.