Thursday, June 15, 2006

1 vs. 100 Game Show Update

For the full story of the taping, check out this post!

I went to try out for 1 vs. 100 yesterday. I think the tryout went well. They had a 30 question quiz that was fairly easy to fill out and I think I did well on that. Then they had these practice rounds that would be like they are on the show and I did well on those too. They are looking for at least a few hundred people I would think, so I think it's very likely that I will make it into the "mob" at least. It's taping on 8/9 - 8/11 and I think the idea is that they're going to tape five episodes, probably to air during November during sweeps.

EDIT: They may change this before the actual taping, but it sounds like this is how the show will work. There is a maximum payout of $3 million (!). There will be one person vs. 100 people in the mob. They will ask a multiple choice question (of similar difficulty to Millionaire) and then the "1" will pick his answer and so will everyone in the mob. The object for the "1" is to eliminate people in the mob. People are eliminated from the mob by answering the question incorrectly. For every 10 people of the mob the "1" knocks out, the potential prize money will escalate. For example, if the "1" answers the first question correctly and 10 people in the mob get it wrong, now the "1" has the choice to walk away with $5,000 (just a random figure) or keep answering more questions to knock more people out of the mob and therefore raise up the potential prize money.

The prize money is based on how many people are in the mob. The fewer number of people, the more money to be won. The guy running the practice rounds said that if on the first question the "1" got it right and everyone in the mob got the question wrong, the "1" would win $3 million! Also, the mob can win money. If the "1" gets a question wrong, anyone in the mob who gets the question correct will split the prize money by the number of people left in the mob at the end of the question. So, if the prize money's up to $100K, and there are 10 people left who got the question right while the "1" got the question wrong, they would split $100K or get $10K each.

One strategy mentioned by the guy running the rounds was that we should try to help the "1" answer questions correctly in the beginning (by yelling out the answers) so that the prize money will escalate. Towards the end, the mob doesn't want the "1" to answer correctly, so they wouldn't help him at that point.

I saw some fellow Lingo contestants, including Stacey and Rainee who were TV champs also asked back for second episode to battle the online winners. They lost their game too, so we commiserated about that for a bit. I did get a copy of my losing episode in case anyone wants to see it! You can see my new boyfriend, 1998 Jeopardy! College Tournament winner, Andrew Hutchings! :-) *Edit: He's not actually my boyfriend... although, if he ever asked me out I certainly wouldn't say "no"! :-)

Here's part 2 of the game show update!

Here's a brief note from the day we taped the show!


Anonymous said...

New boyfriend?

Erin said...

um... ditto?

Stephanie said...

That's the problem with writing! The tone can't be conveyed. He's not actually my boyfriend. I just thought he was really cool when I met him. Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend! :-( oh, and he lives across the country! :-( AND, he's super smart. *sigh* I know I'm smart, but he's like uber-geeky smart. But on the plus side, he is social and watches TV. So maybe there's hope after all! :-)

Erin said...

as long as there's life, there's hope. :)