Monday, June 12, 2006

Games and Family

Wow, I'm exhausted from my very full and fun weekend! And my week has only just begun. I have plans for six nights in a row. I told my brother-in-law yesterday that I had four nights free for the rest of the month. I'm guessing those will be laundry nights! I am happy about that, while he was saying that if had four things scheduled to have to do, he would be overwhelmed. It's funny how different people can be!

Let's see....
Saturday was the 26th SoCal Games Day and it was fabulous! I saw some people I haven't seen in ages and got to play 4 more new games, which brings my total for the year to 49. Just one more to meet the halfway point. I got there right around 10 AM and stayed for the first time, all the way til the doors closed around 11 PM. Then we ate at the Coral Cafe and I had some BBQ ribs (picture to follow later). Our waitress was really cool and perky for being halfway through her 11 hour shift at midnight.

I went to visit my sister and family on Sunday. The weather in the OC was gorgeous!!! We went to Huntington Beach and hung out for a while. It was awesome. I told Neal that I love water and I love being at the beach listening to the waves and being so close to the ocean. It makes me happy inside like nothing else. It's like I'm at home. I think it stems from spending many happy days at the beach while I was younger. I love being there. He said that he could take it or leave it, but that he feels at home when he gets out into the desert. We really are opposites!! The desert is just too hot to bear for me. Even if the beach is hot, you have the water there to cool you off.

Overall a good weekend, but I really need to get to bed earlier!!! I need more sleep! Not tonight though because Erin's birthday party is at my house! We will be eating and playing nothing but party games! Yea!! It will be a nice break from all the serious ones!

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