Thursday, June 29, 2006

Colorado! Here they come!

Well, this year has been full of changes. The latest change is that my sister and her family (hubby and son) are moving to Colorado. They're leaving first thing tomorrow morning. My last shred of family is headed out to the Rockies and now I will be without any immediate family in the state of California.

I was down there last weekend helping them pack up and then I took the day off to help them load up the truck. I'm sad to see them go. I know it's a grand adventure for them because Colorado is beautiful and they are really looking forward to being able to buy a house with one income and live a more relaxed lifestyle. It's a tempting thought and I've often thought about whether I should go too. We'll see how they like it first.

I felt alone when I moved into my apartment because it's the first time I've ever lived totally alone. So far, it hasn't been too bad because I've been keeping busy (just a little!) and I haven't really spent a ton of time at home alone.

Now I'm feeling a different kind of loneliness. I'm alone, knowing that if an emergency comes up, I really have no one who has to help me. I have friends, but it's not the same as having family members to help you. Family members are obligated to help with stuff like that. Friends can help, but it's different somehow. I always had my sister's house to go to when I needed to get away or just get some space away from my life in LA. There was always a spot on the couch with my name on it, no matter what else was going on. I'm not going to have that anymore.

This year has been a year of loss for me. The year's almost halfway done. I hope it gets better soon. I'm sure it will. It has to! On the plus side, now I have more traveling in my future! And I'll get to practice skiing more!

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