Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Shane's Birthday Dinner at Engine Co. 28

Last night, Shane, Jackie and I went out to Engine Co. 28 to celebrate Shane's birthday! She had read about it somewhere and mentioned that she'd like to go there. So, off we went! And I might add, without my camera - so there are no food pictures! Darn! We dressed up so I changed my purse to match my dress and I totally forgot to try to fit my camera in my smaller purse. It probably wouldn't have fit anyway since my cute purse is way smaller than the one I've been carrying lately.

Engine Co. 28

Engine Co. 28 serves American food with some Southern dishes. The restaurant itself used to be a firehouse. The decor inside is very cozy. The only thing that Shane wanted to hear more was the music. You could barely hear it. Other than that, it was comfortable and nice and the same time.

They offer a three course prix fixe meal ($36 each) which Shane & I both ordered. We tried the sweet roasted corn chowder and caesar salad for starters. Both were delicious! Then for our entree, we had the Southern style pan fried chicken and the skirt steak with jalopeno jelly. I personally liked the pan fried chicken better. It was very moist on the inside while crispy on the outside. For dessert, I ordered mixed berries with a sweet cream and Shane had the double layer chocolate cake. My berries were just OK, but the chocolate cake was really good because it was made with darker chocolate and it didn't really have "frosting," but more like a thin coating of chocolate. I know there's a word for it, but it's escaping me! Jackie had a bowl of the sweet roasted corn chowder and the 911 fudge brownie sundae.

We had a great time! The service was good, food was good and the atmosphere was nice. I'd go again, but probably just order an entree. The portions were a good size and I was full well before dessert arrived. If you're thinking about going, I would recommend making a reservation. It's not huge inside and it was more than halfway full on a Tuesday night. Also, they have valet parking for $7. I think the parking down the block is $5-7, so you might as well use the valet and not risk your life walking around downtown in the evening!

Engine Co. 28

644 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 624-6996


Erin said...

that place sounds awesome! I want to go! the thin chocolate coating was probably ganache, which according to my mother, you should always have a supply of in your freezer. yeah, I so don't do that, but I do love it whenever our paths cross! :)

Stephanie said...

Mmmmm... I thought that's what it was called, but I wasn't sure! That stuff was awesome. I think I might like it better than frosting in some cases!

Erin said...

same here! better than some horrible cheap bakery frostings, but maybe not as much as good cream cheese frosting. it's also good for dipping fruit into...

Dave said...

Interesting... I always thought ganache was the inbetween layer filling stuff in a cake. Of course that doesn't mean you can't use on top, but it just never occurred to me one might do so.

Erin said...

if the in between stuff you're thinking of is whipped at all, it's not ganache. that could be a chocolate whipped cream, or a chocoalte buttercream, or any number of things. ganache is very smooth, and more runny til set, with no fluffy/airy/whipped texture. you can however fold ganache into whipped cream or buttercream, but it will mess with the consistency, making them a little runnier, but the taste is so worth it.