Saturday, October 28, 2006

Video game fun

I have been buying more video game stuff lately. I'm visiting my sister and we stopped by a GameStop (they sell new/used games) and they didn't have Karaoke Revolution 1 or 2, but they did have Guitar Hero. They had one hooked up so you could try it out and it was FUN. So, of course, I bought one. It's a rhythm game that's kind of like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) except with a fake guitar. I also bought Sims2. Why did I buy these games? Because I have ALL this free time I need to fill? :-) Well, I'm looking forward to playing them anyway!! We can have a dance/sing/guitar-off on Thanksgiving!!


Erin said...

*gasps* Sims 2! Guitar Hero! This is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever! :)

Stephanie said...

Yes!!! It will be the best for many, many reasons, but those are two pretty good ones!

Michael said...

Hey, Steph & Erin, you better start practicing your guitar licks, 'cause next week Guitar Hero II comes out, and it supports 2-guitar head-to-head and co-op modes (one player on lead and the other on rhythm/bass). Heck, set up all the meeples you can find on the coffee table and it'll be like you having your own Thanksgiving Battle of the Bands & Rock Festival.