Monday, October 30, 2006

Jack'o'Lanterns from years past

*Make sure you check tomorrow when I post a picture of Evan's costume!! It's SUPER cute and homemade!!!*

When I got home last night, I found a pumpkin on my doorstep. I can only assume it's from my downstairs neighbor, Andy. His wall around his patio is fortified with pumpkins, two of which, are carved. I will post pictures of those when I get home.

I don't think I ever carved a pumpkin until I was married. I guess that one of the cultural downfalls of growing up with a Korean mom is that some American traditions just pass you by. But, my sister is keeping the tradition alive and well with Evan and they carve pumpkins every year. We carved a pumpkin each while I was out there this weekend, but I'm waiting for her to email me pictures of all the ones we made this weekend. I should be posting them tomorrow.

But, to start whipping up the Halloween spirit, here are pictures of the jack'o'lanterns they made last year!

The Sick Pumpkin

I'm Watching You!

Pumpkin Family

All Lit Up

I love this Tom (from Tom & Jerry) jack'o'lantern that my brother-in-law made. It's fabulous!!

Other people's pumpkins
I think they took pictures of these while trick-or-treating.

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