Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blind date results

At his suggestion, I met my blind date at Ireland's 32, a dive bar in Van Nuys. I probably should've been a little more concerned about my safety than I was, but I just didn't think anything bad would happen and nothing did, so I was right not to worry.

At my suggestion, we wore old band t-shirts that were the "roses in our hair" to recognize each other. I wore a B-52s shirt (what else?) and he wore a Lemonheads t-shirt. He was cute! He bought me a drink and we chatted for a couple hours and listened to some pretty decent karaoke. He's from Missouri and moved out here a few years ago to write and direct (how LA, I know!) and I guess he's making a living at it, probably supplemented by editing on the side. He was funny and fun.

I gave him my phone number while we were in the bar and then when we went outside, he asked what I was doing on Friday. He wants to take me on a date. I told him to call me and then we'd discuss whether I'd go out with him on Friday. I already have plans to go to a spa happy hour with Shane & Lana until 8 PM, so I could go out with him after that, but first we'll see if he even calls. My gut says he will, but who knows?

Overall, a good date and good conversation. He asked lots of questions as did I, and we had fun! So, no blind date horror story. It's almost disappointing, isn't it? That was part of the excitement of going on the blind date, the fear that things could just go horribly wrong. I'm glad they didn't though. If nothing else, I guess it's good dating practice!

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