Thursday, May 31, 2007

eHarmony Date #5

I met eH date #5 at a local Starbucks for coffee (well, a lemonade actually) and had a really nice time. We talked non-stop for 2 1/2 hours and at the end he asked if I'd be interested in going out for dinner and I said, "Yes." So, he asked me to write down my phone number and we'll see what happens!

He was cute and funny and asked lots of questions. Always a good sign! He also would check to be sure he wasn't boring me with a long-winded answer, which is a sign of awareness to a certain extent. The good sign from my end was that I was never thought, "Man, when is he going to shut-up?" Not one single time!

After recapping the date for my friend, I realized that one of the things I liked about him was that he is mindful of his finances. He doesn't have any credit card debt which is a huge plus! I don't have credit card debt either, so I definitely would prefer to date someone who also doesn't have any. I wonder how common it is to meet someone with zero credit card debt... He sounds like he's conscious about his spending without being impractical or too cheap about it, which I totally appreciate because I think I am too.

I theoretically have two more dates this weekend - the Saturday guy whom I haven't heard from and the Sunday guy called on Tuesday, I called him back Wednesday and haven't heard back from him yet. I'll have a better update Monday.

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