Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Road Rally in Burbank - June 16th

I'm active in a group in Los Angeles called My People Connection. They've been instrumental in me meeting some of my best friends!! I plan events for them all the time and I just love the group.

My next big event that's coming up is a Road Rally in Burbank on Saturday, June 16th! My friend Shane is the one hosting it, but I'm the one writing up all the clues! I've been really stressed about it because I want it to be fun, but not too difficult. Last night I made a list of all the places I want the road racers to stop and then Shane and I started making up the clues!! I'm really excited about it and I hope everyone who participates has a blast.

I'm hoping to finish writing/designing all the clues this week and then do a test run the first weekend in June. I would write more about the locations and clues, but I can't. Just in case anyone who's participating is reading this. But don't worry! I'm putting several minutes of thought into each clue!! :-)


Seth Jaffee said...

I'm so jealous! I want to play too!

Anonymous said...

Thats not a bad warm up but you should try the great america treasure hunt and road rally from DC to New Orleans. Brilliant clues, codes and ciphers, actors planted along the way, cool gadgets, etc. Check it out at http://www.ravenchase.com