Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Swimsuits

I finally bought a couple new swimsuits! They should be here next week. I have a couple brands that tend to be my favorites based on how they feel and fit: Venus and Body Glove.

Venus swimsuits are made by Venus, a company in Jacksonville, FL, where I grew up. I remember my mom balking at the price of a swimsuit I picked out at a sporting goods store in Jacksonville because it was pretty pricy, about $50 for a bikini. She bought it for me, but here's what was great... I wore that suit every day that summer! I would go swimming in the morning at the pool, then wear it to the beach later that day to lay out and swim in the ocean and sometimes, do more swimming in the afternoon. (Yes, I was *very* tan that summer!) And that suit lasted. All summer long and for at least one less busy summer after that.

I'm curious to see if the quality of their swimsuits has stood the test of time. I hope so! I typically go for the string bikini, but this time I compromised: I bought a string bikini and one that has a regular bottom (not tied on the sides). All told I think I spent about $80 on two swimsuits including the shipping & handling. Not too shabby!

On the flip side, I paid $60 for a bikini from Body Glove 2-3 summers ago and the plastic piece on the top broke after I had worn it about 6 times! I was pissed, but never got around to writing them a letter. Actually, this might sound a bit contrary. I should clarify that I love how Body Glove swimsuits feel and fit! They use great materials and the suits feel great when I'm wearing them. I've had a couple Body Glove swimsuits and always liked them a lot too (with the broken plastic piece exception that's been noted!).

Meanwhile, the last couple years I bought some suits from Target and they are OK, but the elastic isn't that great and they feel OK, but it's never awesome. We'll see if these new ones are any better!


Anonymous said...

If you are going to buy a new bikini, the least you can do is save the planet!!!

Stephanie said...

Awesome!!! I guess that *is* the least I could do!! I wonder how comfy that is though... hmmm...