Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My boss has no shame!

He really doesn't. He's lucky he's married to a woman that helps him monitor his eating habits because if he wasn't, he'd weigh about 300 lbs!!

Today is Marilyn's birthday. And I know I said that I was done with the lunches, but I will most likely organize her lunch today because, as my assistant, she is my right hand woman here at work and I couldn't get along without her. So, I want to show her that I appreciate her. (BTW, the guy who didn't offer anything towards my lunch had already offered to buy her entire lunch by 8 AM) My caring started last night when I baked her triple chocolate fudge chip cupcakes! Mmmm... she loves chocolate. In fact, we all do in my office, but none so much as my boss!

When he came in this morning, he walked by saying "Good morning" to everyone as usual. When he saw the cupcakes sitting on her desk, he couldn't resist taking one. She told him, "You may have ONE."

Well, ten minutes later, he called me and said, "I want to meet with you and Marilyn in your office. Could you call her over and I'll meet you there in a minute." She works across the hall from me, so I called her and said, "[Bossman] wants to meet with us in my office, could you come over here please?" Meanwhile, I did a quick clean-up so it looks a little better before he gets here.

Then he comes walking up the hall and heads straight into her office. We were both thinking, "Hello! We're over here..." but then we realized he was going in there to snag a cupcake and we both starting cracking up!! More in disbelief than anything.

Seriously... he has no shame!

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Dawn said...

Tell Marilyn that I said Happy Birthday!! Sorry to be late.