Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend Plans

The plans start tonight! I'm going to Gamex/Strategicon which starts today and runs until Monday. This week has not been the best for me mentally, so I'm really looking forward to going swimming, playing games and hanging out with friends this weekend.

There's a Rio Grande-a-thon tomorrow and I've never participated in something like that, but my goal is to try to beat Travis. Probably won't happen, but it's good to have a goal!

Evan and Neal are in town this weekend too and I'm really hoping to see them on Sunday, preferably at Roscoe's!

My work day is more than halfway over and I'm pretty much packed and have snacks in hand! As soon as they turn me loose, I'm heading home, picking up my bags and driving down to the LAX-Westin and then, the games will begin.

I am looking forward to Monday. We're having lunch at Mozza and then I have my next eHarmony date!

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