Monday, January 01, 2007

New Movie List for 2007

OK, since my resolution was to watch one new movie a week, I decided to chronicle my new movies for 2007 to see how many I watch! I'll add on to this list and keep it as one big post all year. So, scroll down for the most recent additions. I'm going to do the same for the restaurant and book resolutions. I also decided that seasons of TV shows are going to have to count as movies.

  1. The Professional - 1/1/07. Pretty good, Gary Oldman makes an awesome bad guy!!
  2. The Pursuit of Happyness - 1/6/07. I left this movie feeling (a) like a slacker and (b) grateful that I'm not broke!
  3. The Notorious Bettie Page - 1/8/07. The movie looked good, but there wasn't much plot or anything. Gretchen Mol looked fabulous in this! I love all the clothes and stuff, I definitely have more the pin-up girl figure. Check out this pin-up girl clothing line!!
  4. Where the Truth Lies - 1/15/07. I liked the story, but the thing that really struck me was the huge disparity in the ages of the men and women. Kevin Bacon's character is in his mid- to late-40s and he's getting it on with someone who looks young, even though her character is probably in her mid-20s.
  5. Save the Last Dance - 1/27/07. Cute fluff. (I didn't say they had to be "good" movies did I?)
  6. 21 Grams - 1/29/07. OK. Not nearly as depressing as I had heard it was.
  7. Children of Men - 2/5/07. I liked the premise that is set-up in the beginning, but the execution/story was so-so. Probably better for a movie-type person who can appreciate all the camera work, etc. First movie I've seen with Clive Owen and he's hot!
  8. The Maltese Falcon - 3/5/07. We laughed several times while watching this movie, but at spots that probably weren't meant to be laughed at. The dialogue and overly dramatic acting was quite amusing though. I have learned something about myself though. I can't watch black & white movies while tired. They put me right to sleep!
  9. Stranger than Fiction - 3/12/07. We loved the graphics at the beginning of this cute movie. Has a lot of more subtle laughs, but pretty enjoyable! Maggie Gyllenhaal is so cute!!!
  10. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - 03/19/07. Really interesting story.
  11. Miller's Crossing - 4/23 & 5/8. Good, but not as crazy good as I had expected. Gabriel Byrne is so young in this movie! And boy do they smoke!!
  12. Spiderman 2 - 4/29/07. Watched it to get ready for S-3 coming out next week.
  13. Spiderman 3 - 5/4/07. Not that great. Wait for video!
  14. V for Vendetta - 5/8/07. I really liked this one.
  15. Little Women - 5/13/07. So-so, book was better.
  16. Persuasion - 5/20/07. Pretty good.
  17. Pan's Labyrinth - 5/29/07. Dark movie, but I liked it.
  18. BattleStar Galactica: The Mini-Series - 6/10/07.
  19. Knocked Up - 6/14/07. SOOOO funny. I would highly recommend!!
  20. Monster House - 6/30/07. Animated movie that's cute! Kinda scary in parts.
  21. Serenity - 7/1/07. The movie based on the "Firefly" series. Pretty good! Just as good as the TV show. And after watching it, I'd say the movie might make a bit more sense having seen the TV show first, but it's pretty good as a self-contained unit. I love the subtleties of this movie!
  22. Heroes Season One - 7/11/07. Read here about Heroes!
  23. Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix - 7/13/07. The fifth HP movie and it was great. We saw it at the Imax theater, so there was some 3D action. I liked it quite a bit, especially considering that it has been my least favorite book so far. All that teenage angst!
  24. Once - 7/14/07. This was recommended by a friend who had recently seen it and said that it really moved him and was in his top 5 films of all time! With a recommendation like that, how could I *not* go see it? Well, I did. And I'll just put this warning out. There is lots of indie rock-type singing. Which, unfortunately for me, is not my cup of tea. I am not a big fan of singing in movies in general (unless it's hard rocking type stuff for some reason), so if I had known that I might've skipped it. But apparently some people REALLY love it, so you might want to check it out.
  25. Nacho Libre - 8/13/07. This movie isn't that funny. It's more kinda the fart, gross stuff type humor. Not awful, but definitely don't ever need to see it again. I'm certainly glad I didn't see this in the theater! I like Jack Black, but oh well. Not the best.
  26. Across the Universe - 9/29/07. It's the movie that is set to Beatles music and I loved it! The songs totally go with the story and the story moves. I normally don't like musicals, but I enjoyed this one for sure!
  27. Black Knight - 10/13/07. Silly Martin Lawrence movie. I was in Belgium and there weren't many choices, what can I say?
  28. Freaks - 10/14/07. OMG, this movie is awesome! It shows all these real freaks and it's weird. There is a guy with no arms and no legs and he lights his own cigarettes. The most surprising part was that in the commentary, it said that he had a wife and kids!!! Geez.
  29. The Wanderers - 10/14/07. Movie from the late 70s about a high school Italian gang. Man those boys are cute. I think I like the Italians. :-)
  30. Nancy Drew - 10/21/07. It was showing on the plane back from Germany. Cute, but not great as you'd expect.
  31. The Amazing Screw-On Head - 10/22/07. Funny, but I was tired while watching it. Chris really enjoyed this one.
  32. Murderball - 11/1/07. AWESOME! I highly recommend this movie!!
  33. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - Pretty good. I enjoyed it. Philip Seymour Hoffman is so good.
  34. Sahara - 11/4/07. Watched this with L&N in HD at their house. Matthew McConaughey's teeth are so freakin' white in this movie. He has a flashy smile. Movie was OK, not bad for the type of film it is.
  35. American Gangster - 11/9/07. This was pretty good. I enjoyed the story and Denzel. He is one handsome man!


sedjtroll said...

"the thing that really struck me was the huge disparity in the ages of the men and women. Kevin Bacon's character is in his mid- to late-40s and he's getting it on with someone who looks young, even though her character is probably in her mid-20s."

So what, hit too close to home??


Stephanie said...

Ha! Eight years is nothing compared to that age gap! Not only that, but we didn't *look* so different in age. It was quite noticeable in that movie.

Dave said...

Ah... both a youse, shut yer yaps.