Friday, January 12, 2007

Online dating

I've never tried online dating. Well, I guess technically, my blind date last year was through Craigslist, a website, so that might count. But I have never tried the ones that most people seem to use like,, etc.

I created a profile with eHarmony, but didn't subscribe. I'm thinking I might try it. I guess I might as well. I can always put it on hold if I start dating someone I met "in real life." If I do join up, I'm debating on if I should do the 3 or 6 month. One of my friends recommends doing it for 6 months at a minimum. Hmmm.... decisions, decisions...


Aaron said...

Do they offer a good price break at 6 months? Most places do. I agree that 6 months would give you a better feeling of what they have to offer and time to experience it as you wish.

Stephanie said...

According to the website, the pricing is:

3 months, $36.95 per month = $110.85
6 months, $28.95 per month = $173.70

So, it's a pretty good break on pricing. Plus, I've heard from a friend who used eHarmony (unsuccessfully) last year that it can take a few weeks sometimes to get to "open" communication. So, I think longer might be better.

sedjtroll said...

My sister met her husband on - I met a few people on there but never really connected with anyone.

You might also look at, which doesn't seem as populus, but might be interesting.

I'm thinking about joining something like eHarmony myself.

Stephanie said...

There are lots of geeks on that gk2gk site and you *know* how I loves me some geeks, but I think I'll just try one site at a time. I don't want to get too scattered at once!