Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What are the odds?

I know there's no numerical answer for this, but what are the odds that... well, here's the story.

I went on a group hike last night. It was my first time hiking with this group and I had carpooled over there with my friend Tim, who lives next door to me. When we got there, we were chatting with people before the hike and he pointed out two people who used to live in my apartment complex. I think there are 20 units in my complex. So I started asking which apartment in the complex they lived in and turns out that one of them lived in MY apartment!!

What the heck?

So, I asked why she had moved out and she said that there was a huge leak in the middle of the bedroom and they wouldn't fix it after she complained to them and the housing board. I can't remember if it's really rained since I lived there, but I don't remember any leak, so maybe they fixed it since she moved out a couple years ago. I hope so! I'll be keeping my eye on that for sure.


sedjtroll said...

How odd. Life's full of crazy coincidences like that.

Anonymous said...

Statistically, you should have a one-in-a-million occurance happen every couple of months or so. Plus, living in a big city like LA just seems to make that sort of thing more likely.

I could tell you stories...

Stephanie said...

Really? That often?? Well, I'll let you know the next time that happens. It just seemed really odd!

sedjtroll said...

Well, the 1-in-a-Million occurances that happen all the time we probably don't notice, but good luck having them happen again.

As for the odds that you'll meet someone tht lived in your very apartment... I'd say they're right at about 100% (seeing as it's already happened) :)