Thursday, January 11, 2007

First Math Trade on BGG

I have participated in my first math trade on BoardGameGeek (BGG). It's basically a massive trade. I entered in the games I was willing to trade away, as did everyone else... Then after everyone posted, we all looked to see what we were interested in.

For each game I offered up for trade, I listed what I'd be willing to accept for it. I think I did pretty well!!

Here's my math trade summary:
I think I did pretty well!!! I am looking forward to playing all the games I received in the trade!!


Aaron said...

You traded away Hive?? I have to ask my mom if we can even be friends anymore.

Stephanie said...

It's OK, but not a *great* game for me. Although, maybe I should've given it another chance because the only time I really played it was waiting to leave LA to Hawaii at 4 AM and I had been up all night. So, my brain wasn't really focused.

Oh well. Too late now! Plus, now instead of having a quick 2 player, I have a three hour game for 2-5! :-P

P.S. This was the game in question that 23 had on his wishlist and then ordered for himself right before Christmas.

MDK said...

And you traded away Ingenious? Steph, how could you?

All kidding aside, I like math trades- it really scratches my utilitarianism. I participated in one, and also moderated the one for BGGCon.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I am surprised by how many people have said something about that Ingenious trade. I guess there's a lot of love out there for it! All I know is that I haven't played it in ages, so it had to go!