Thursday, January 18, 2007

eHarmony update

OK, so far I've been answering questions back and forth with several of my "matches" that eHarmony has sent for me. With the exception of one of them, I've been waiting til they initiate communication with me. I was under the impression it would take a couple weeks to reach the point of "open communication," but I'm already at that point with two of them. With "open communication," you send emails to each other through the website so that they don't have your actual email address. And they keep sending me more "potential" matches every day.

One of the "open commuication" guys asked if it was OK to talk on the phone, so I gave him my number. I received an email from him that said he would call me tonight, so we'll see! Overall, the eHarmony experience has been pretty positive so far.

While I don't mind talking on the phone, I really prefer to talk on the phone to people I already know. Talking on the phone with someone you don't know is sometimes weird. I forget what percentage of communication is non-verbal, but it's high, something like 70%. In this situation, if he doesn't sound like a total dud on the phone, I'd much rather just set up a meeting to see if there's any chemistry at all and see how we get along. I could probably assess fairly quickly in person whether or not I'd be interested in dating him.

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eHarmony Blog said...

Hi! I saw your blog via technorati. You moved on from Open Communication to the phone -- Good for you! Some of my matches took me to OC Hell, poor me. :( Tip: reserve an hour and a half for your first eH phone call. Yep, long talks with eH matches are not uncommon.

Another tip: eH always has "internal" get-6-for-3-months and get-12-for-6-months promos -- see and contact eh customer service. Do this before your first eH week ends, so you get the leverage of the 7-day trial period.

I'll stay tuned! :)

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