Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Vegas Recap

You know the cliche... what happens in Vegas... blah blah blah.

Here's the important stuff:
  • I left Vegas up $50, but left Nevada down $70 (mental note: don't make those last minute stops on your way out of the state!)
  • I had a friend show up to surprise me (and I was quite happy to see him), so we had one more hanging with us all weekend, which was a lot of fun! Spontaneity is great!!
  • I watched part of an Ultimate (Frisbee) tournament and it looks like FUN, so I've already emailed the woman in charge of the women's LA league to see when they're having clinics for beginners.
After returning from the trip, Ron sent me a link to this website that lists most of the Vegas casinos and what their minimum bets and max. odds are for craps. I'm plotting which casinos I'll hit while I'm there next time, but for sure, we'll be hitting Casino Royale. I always seem to do well when I'm there... and they have awesome odds. I bought some dice so I can practice rolling before I go! :-)

After looking at the craps website, I can't wait to go to Vegas again! I'm definitely more Vegas-compatible with some friends, so I'm only going to invite the people that will bring the good karma/gambling mojo! Next time I go, I'll be coming home with millions!!

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