Tuesday, June 12, 2007

eHarmony Date #5.2

Last night, I had my second date with eHarmony guy #5. We had arranged to meet at my apartment so I could teach him a game. The plan was for him to show up at 7:30 PM and we'd eat ham & cheese sandwiches and play a game or two. Here's what happened...

Actually, on second thought, let's just cut to the chase. He arrived on time (good), he's not a picky eater (doubly good) and we played Lost Cities. He was interested in checking out Guitar Hero (triply good), so we did that too and he liked it! We had lots of fun talking and before he left, he kissed me. Twice. And it was good. He said he'd call me and I hope he does.

The best part? So far, no red flags! Not a single one. Not that I'm being supercritical or anything trying to look for one, but during the last year, there has always been a red flag (or maybe a pink one) by the end of the second date. Sometimes even before the first date, but I'd go out anyway just to make sure. He hasn't said (or done) anything that has made me cringe. In fact, just the opposite. I find myself laughing and enjoying listening what he has to say!

Best of all, I feel very comfortable around him. He mentioned during the evening that next time, I'll have to come over to his place, so I guess that's a good sign. Keep your fingers crossed!

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