Monday, June 25, 2007

Oasis of Fun 2007

I went to the Oasis of Fun in Atlanta last week and had a really fun time. There were people from Gulf Games 19 that I attended in February, so at least I knew some people. There were also a few people from BoardGameGeek.con last November there! Basically, we gamed and stayed up really late! The highlights were:
  • Prize table selections: My first choice was Shogun (I couldn't believe it was still there, I was about the 60th person called!) and my second time up I got Ricochet Robots in the blue box. My friend Michael gave me his third pick called Gouda! Gouda! I doubt it's any good, but I'll try it once to see!
  • Meeting a BUNCH of new people. I met several people that I'd heard about but had never gamed with, so that was nice. Luckily, I'll be seeing quite a few of them next month at GG20!
  • Winning the metagame - There was a sheet to fill out based on the games you played and I won it! The prize? Admission to next year's Oasis of Fun! I guess I'll have to go back if they let me!
I played nine new games, bringing my total for the year up to 88 new games for 2007. The cutest one had to be Burg Appenzell, a cute memory game with mini-mice who are chasing cheese and could fall through the dungeon floors because it has that tile-pushing mechanism that's common in the Labyrinth games.

Oh, and another highlight was I got to play the Settlers of Catan 10th Anniversary 3-D version. It was SO frickin' cute. I'd get one if they were $300. But man, it was adorable!!

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