Wednesday, June 06, 2007

eHarmony Date #5.15

It looks as though I may have my first second date ever from eHarmony! My date #5 who I saw last Thursday for coffee emailed me to see about getting together again. He wants to learn how to play one of the "gateway games" I was mentioning during our first date! I'm looking forward to it as he's the only one so far that I was actually interested in going out with a second time.

He's very graphically inclined and new to Euros in general, so game-wise, I'm going to go with Lost Cities, Blokus, Rumis and Tier auf Tier. Chris suggested Tier auf Tier because it's a kids game and my date is a toy designer for little kids, so Chris thought he might enjoy it. We'll see!

We're getting together on Monday night at my place and I'm making sandwiches! Easy! So I've been straightening up around my apartment because I think he probably runs more on the neater side than I do. Especially not lately because I've been rather busy doing other stuff. I had already been making an effort to clean up a bit because it was beginning to bother even me. I think it should be fine by the end of the week.

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