Friday, June 08, 2007

eHarmony Dates #6 and #7

eH Guy #6
I met him at Michael's Steakhouse in Burbank at my suggestion. That place has really good food (and they have cajun food!!) and it's fairly reasonably priced. He looked a little heavier than his pictures, but basically the same. We had a nice time, but I don't think I'd really be interested in going out with him again. I can't imagine myself kissing him, a sure sign that there's not really a spark there.

I think he might be a bit too Midwestern for me. He doesn't eat spicy food, which apparently is a fairly common thread among those Midwestern people. He's also very frugal, not necessarily a bad thing, but he was complaining about having to spend about $1,000 to travel to Iowa for a good friend's wedding. The main complaint was that if they had been married in the city the couple was currently living in rather than the bride's hometown in Iowa, he wouldn't have had to pay hotel costs because his mom lives in the same town as the couple. I totally understand that it would've saved some cash, but seriously, how much can a hotel in Iowa cost? Probably not much.

eH Guy #7
I met him last night at Frida's in Beverly Hills. He picked out the place and suggested the time, so I went. EVEN THOUGH, there was a Guitar Hero Tournament in Hollywood that I was missing. The sacrifices I make for (potential) love!

The good things? He looked like his picture, cute face, very blue eyes. Seemed nice enough, talkative, good taste in food.

The not-so-good thing? He seems very status-oriented. I'm guessing that he's fairly well off financially, but I don't really need to hear about it all. Just be a cool person that I feel connected to. I'm certainly *not* the type to love someone just because they have money. I'm not saying it wouldn't sweeten the pot a bit, but love someone for it? Never. Whereas, I can tell he's proud of where he is in his life, which is admirable, but that shouldn't be all you're about. He's made several statements through email and on the phone that make me think that status is very important to him. In that respect, I'm not sure how compatible we are. Or maybe he's trying to impress me? I have no idea.

When the bill came, I offered him money (as I always do) and he thanked me for offering, but refused to take any (a good thing). But when he was signing the slip, he made this face like he was thinking and calculating, so I said, "Oh, figuring up the tip?" and he said, "Ninety-eight plus twenty is 118, right?" I just said, "Yes!" Was this his not so subtle way of letting me know how much dinner cost? I saw the menu with all the prices clearly printed on it. I knew it was going to be up there. Maybe that had nothing to do with it and he's just not good at math, but related to other comments he's made about his house and his job, I don't think so.

That being said, I'd probably go out with him again if he asked. Mainly just to see if there is more of a connection. All the stuff we talked about wasn't very personal and so, I didn't really feel a strong connection to him or feel like we got to know each other. If the second date was on par with this one, I'd probably not go for a third. He said he'd call me Monday, so we'll see!


Victoria said...

Thank you for posting your feedback on eHarm dates. They're incredibly useful. Hang in there, have fun, and maybe there'll a myPC event where I can say hello in person.

Anonymous said...

If a guy is sooo bad at math that he needs help figuring 20% of 100 or adding 2 + 9, do you really want to date him? ;-) (Hint: He's making sure you think he tipped >20% in addition to springing for a $100 meal.)

Hotels in Iowa vary of course, but if you're looking for cheap you can usually get under $45/night - less in smaller towns.

Maybe you should stick with #5. :)

TherMight said...

Hah! Well you may be right about trying to draw your attention to the bill.

Btw for anyone keeping score that's an 18.39% tip.

Stephanie said...

Victoria - Yes! Hopefully we will meet at an event!

As for the rest - yeah, I suspect he may be trying to "mention" the bill. Unfortunately for him, that kind of stuff isn't too impressive to me.

I was talking to Shane about it on Friday and she said, "You'd probably be more impressed with a guy who knew where the hole-in-the-wall taco place was with awesome tacos, rather than some guy who spent $100 on Mexican food for two!" How right she is!!