Thursday, May 25, 2006

The nerdiest bachelor party I've ever been to...

Oh, I love nerds! I love geeks!

I have a group that I game with on a regular basis and last night we had a bachelor party! One guy's cousin is getting married on Saturday and for his bachelor party, he wanted a night out playing games. And that's what we did. He left by 11:30 PM. Wow.

It was fabulous though! We normally have about 7-8 people there every week, but last night it seemed like a lot of the people who only show up occasionally managed to make it. Plus, one guy brought his wife because their kids were out at a school sleepover! So I think we ended up with 14 people. We ordered Indian food, oh, and Peter (he always brings the best stuff!) brought cupcakes from Sprinkles!! I had a red velvet cupcake and a yellow (or was it white) cake with chocolate frosting. They both were delicious!! I have been wanting to try these fresh-from-scratch cupcakes for ages. They might be worth a drive over to the Westside for more.

It was SO nerdily cute!


Dave said...

Oh. My. God.

Those cupcakes.


Dave said...

Oh, and bear in mind that a really nerdy bachelor party is probably the *only* kind you're ever gonna get to go to.

Well, unless you're... yipes... trying to earn some extra cash for that 401k.

Hmm... I bet Sprinkles could make a giant hollow cupcake...

Stephanie said...

True... however, the ONE bachelorette party I went to started out at a male strip show and ended at a female strip bar! So, I think I'm good.

Although, I think there is some serious cash to be made with that SoC cake idea! I think JD was onto something!

Anonymous said...

no! no encouragement! JD was onto nothing! unless you're going to do the jumping? then you can endorse all you want. I happily pass that treat on. :) EKG.