Monday, May 15, 2006

All the big stuff is moved

I think my friend Lana said it best... Men are good. Men are awesome. Men are just downright dandy! Especially when you're moving a big clunky California king sized mattress and heavy wood furniture. Did I mention it was upstairs? :-) *hee hee*sorry*

The move went really well. I did a fairly good job getting everything ready - not to pat myself on the back or anything :-). We made one trip and we were done by around 4 PM. Lincoln assembled the BBQ and we picked up some steaks and chicken on the way back and then unpacked, played Katamari Damacy, talked and BBQed. It was a success. I couldn't have done it without all my friends and they will all enjoy the fruits of their labor in the upcoming year. Ryan thinks I should have a housewarming party, which seems just odd because it's not a house, and I've already done the whole "it's my house" party, so I think we decided that just a plain old party would be fine. So, I'm gonna check my calendar and see what works.

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