Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I left the propane BBQ that we've had for many years, I decided to try something new and different. I bought a charcoal BBQ. More specifically, I purchased Weber One-Touch Gold BBQ 22 1/2 inches. Here is a picture off the Weber website of what it looks like. I will take an actual picture once I get the computer hooked up.

Weber One-Touch Gold BBQ

Lincoln put it together for me and we tried it out on Saturday while we were unpacking. We made a couple ribeye steaks and some BBQ chicken thighs. They were delicious!! I can't wait to try it again. I think a BBQ over Memorial Day weekend is in order to christen to new abode. I should be unpacked by then. I made lots of progress in the kitchen. I just need to put away the food. Other than that, the other big project is hooking up the computer, the DSL and the TiVo to the wireless router. That should be lots of fun! Not.


D-Caf said...

Cool, weber grills are the best charcoal grills out there. If you haven't yet I recommend investing in two things, first a cover, second an electric starter. The cover will let your grill last for decades (my dad still has one that is 20 years old and working fine), and the electric starter will allow you to not have to use lighter fluid or matchlight charcoal.

Also, if you want the good stuff look for natural charcoal or lump charcoal. It's made from real charcoal (burned wood) vs the kingston crap which is full of scarry chemicals.

I had a weber one touch silver grill for 5 plus years (still have it in reserve) but I spoiled my self 2 years ago and bough the Weber Performer Grill:

Best of gas and charcoal in one :-)

Stephanie said...

What I bought with it was this:

* a cover (especially since it is outdoors open to the elements)
* a chimney starter - this works really well!
* these starter cubes that I haven't tried yet, but they're supposed to help.
* grill brush

I did buy some hardwood lump charcoal because I learned from Alton Brown not to use that other crap! :-)

So far I've only used it once, but I'm going to use it all Memorial Day weekend!