Friday, August 24, 2007

Kitty Update

I finally got results from Evie's blood test and urinalysis yesterday. The good news is that she's not diabetic and her kidneys & liver seem fine. The bad news is that she had a fever this time (which she did not on Monday) and they still aren't sure what's wrong with her.

The most likely prospects at the moment are pancreatitis or some kind of intestinal issue. When I took Evie in yesterday, they did an IV rehydration again and gave her three shots: pencillin (to help the fever), pain killer (so that she would hopefully start eating again) and vitamin B-12 (apparently, the beginning of a course of treatment for her if it is pancreatitis).

I have to take her in again today, so that they can check to see if her fever has gone down. She has been a bit more mobile and she's been seeming more interested in food, but she still won't eat anything. Surprisingly, she still hasn't lost any weight yet either. Hrmmm...

One thing that sucks is that this has cost some serious cash! I spent $172 yesterday for the visit, so now we're up to $414. The only way to diagnose pancreatitis for sure is to do an ultrasound and I don't know how much that costs, but my guess is that it's like $500 or something. Geez! It's a good thing I got a bonus check last week! Between Evie getting sick and doing the 120K mile major service on my car today, that should just about take care of it!

And thank you to everyone who's been inquiring about her. She is doing a bit better and I'm happy about that!


Seth Jaffee said...

Diana got a new kitty yesterday. She's still sad about Casper, but now she at least has a new kitty.

Tonya said...

We haven't had an Evie update in a week!!! How is she doing?