Sunday, August 26, 2007

What's your Personality Type?

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? I went to a college prep junior/senior high school (rated #1 in the nation this year!). They were really big on tests (personality, aptitudes, career placement, etc.). It was required in 7th and 10th grade to take the Myers-Briggs test. In 7th grade, I was an ENTP. In 10th grade, I had morphed slightly into an ESTP. I recently took a test online in a much shortened form and found out I'm now an ESFJ! Wow! Other than the E=Extrovert, everything else has flipped since 7th grade!

When I read a couple descriptions of the ESFJ, I thought, yep, that sounds like me! I think it's really remarkable that I can answer a handful of questions online and from that I can be categorized into one of 16 categories and feel like it really describes me.

Do you know what your personality type is? My description was right about one thing in particular. If I didn't care about money, I would totally be doing a more service-oriented job. It's probably one of the reasons I enjoyed waitressing so much!


ladypuppy said...

Heh. I came up ISFJ. Interesting stuff.

Aaron said...

I always come up INTJ or INTP. Apparently I would have really gotten along with you in junior high?

(I'm not sure how well-regarded Meyers-Briggs is, but it sure does seem to describe you well on the face of it, don't it?).

Stephanie said...

But we all get along well don't we? I think I have one of those personalities that gets along with many types! It's funny how I seem to really get along well with the "I"s! :-) I really like how accurate the career recommendations can be. Dave's was super accurate saying he should consider "actor" as a career!! :-)