Thursday, January 03, 2008

Date #42.2 has been set

I've been talking to 42 quite a bit the past few days since our first big date. The second big date has been set for next weekend. I am really looking forward to it! I've been thinking about the first date a lot and realized that one thing I love about him is that he's perfectly willing to dissect a situation with me and talk about it a lot. Most guys probably wouldn't be so gung-ho about that.

It's a really cool quality. It makes me feel more inclined to talk to him about everything. Literally, it seems like we just talk endlessly about anything under the sun. Partly because we're still gathering data about each other and partly because neither one of us wants to hang up! I am not joking when I tell you he had a list of chain restaurants for me to rate so we could compare our "chain" tastes! It was so cute! During our first date, I asked him what he thought about Applebee's (ick!). Turns out, he doesn't like them either! I was so happy to hear that that I kissed him (a lot!)! It may seem like a stupid thing to agree on, but what if he loooooved Applebee's and wanted me to eat there all the time? Gross! I mean, seriously... is true love worth that much bad food? I think not! (On the other hand, there's always the salad bar and cocktails, which are the only things I would ever order there again.)

This is totally light stuff, but we also talk about the "deeper" stuff. We've already discussed all the stuff that I imagine most "normal" people probably wouldn't touch for at least a month or two. It's been great! Before our first big date, I think we had been talking more seriously (than just IMing) for about 10 days. I joked with him that we had crammed three months of casual, pointless dating into a week! Which I think mainly works because we both are totally down with talking about just about anything.

Now, I have to wait a whole week to see him. Man, that totally sucks! But at least he's just a phone call away!


Seth Jaffee said...

Congrats! It's good to see you've found someone you're that excited about. Looks like 2008 is starting off right after all! :-)

Stephanie said...

Thank you!! It is rather exciting... especially since I had given up hope on him just a few days before we started really "talking"!

Life is funny... you just never know when something amazing will just pop up!